Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Weight Loss – Decaffeinated Vegetarian Pills for Metabolism Boost and Heart Health with Vitamin C – Natural Source of Energy- 120 Vcaps

Product Features

  • AN ADVANCED GREEN TEA SUPPLEMENT TO AID IN WEIGHT LOSS: Green tea has been long respected as an overall health enhancing supplement. Found in many fat burner diet formulas, green tea has the power to provide a gentle metabolic boost while also providing you with a little extra energy. This Zenwise Health supplement is heart healthy and boasts essential benefits for women and men alike.
  • GET AN ALL-NATURAL BOOST FROM DECAFFEINATED GREEN TEA IN A VEGAN FORMULATION: Our unique capsules feature decaffeinated green tea extract so that you can enjoy all the benefits of this powerful tea without the drawbacks of consuming an abundance of caffeine. With this natural energy booster supplement, you won't experience any jitters or caffeine crashes when taking this supplement.
  • EXPERIENCE A FREE-RADICAL FIGHTING BOOST FROM ADDED VITAMIN C: The vitamin C added to our Green Tea Extract supplement works with the polyphenols in green tea to combat free radicals. This means protection against aging and tissue damage that can contribute to serious illnesses.
  • EMBRACE THE ANTI-AGING BENEFITS OFFERED BY EGCG: The EGCG found in our Green Tea Extract is a known powerhouse against both free radicals and aging. Safe and effective for both men and women, it can help you feel and look younger.
  • ENJOY A BOOST THAT'S BOTH SAFE AND CRUELTY FREE: Our decaf Green Tea Extract supplements are made in FDA-approved facilities that carry both GMP and NSF certifications.

Product Description

Zenwise Health’s Advanced Green Tea Extract contains a unique blend of caffeine-free Green Tea extract and Vitamin C, which is formulated to aid in weight loss, reduce cholesterol and promote a healthier living in men and women. Green Tea has been proven to act as a natural fat burner to optimize yo

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