Large Powerful Abdominal Obliques Cooling Belt 1500G – To Burn Fat With Cold (Covers A Very Large Area) – Better Than Electric Belts

Product Features

  • Helps to loose fat with cold in the abdominal area and obliques. This belt can also be used in the buttocks and on the legs.
  • Delivered with a 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) cooling pack of size 60x26 cm (23.5"x10.2"). This is one of the only belt on the market that cover a so large area.
  • Comfortable to use: the cold doesn't penetrate the lungs or the throat.
  • Single-sized with a maximum length of 131cm (51.6 inches)
  • Can also be used for muscle recovery and against cellulite

Product Description

The abdominal and obliques cooling belt 1500G helps to lose fat with cold in the abdominal area and the obliques (covers a very large area).

It comes with an ice pack of size 60×26 cm (23.5″x10.2″) and of weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). This belt is one-size-fit-all and can fit up to 131 cm (51.6

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