Lifestyle B-12 Vitamin Complex-Liquid Drops- Dietary Supplements-2oz

Product Features

  • LIFESTYLE B-12 DROPS have a high potency that is fast absorbing for an Active Lifestyle
  • It can boost energy naturally and has the ability to speed up the metabolism. The therapeutic amount is 1000 milligrams for individuals
  • Mild deficiencies of B-12 are fairly common, and are caused by inadequate healthy diet. Common symptoms of deficiencies are fatigue and forgetfulness
  • Free of wheat, Soy, Sugar, Milk, Yeast, Salt, lactose, but does have red Artificial Color and Flavor
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

LIFESTYLE B-12 VITAMIN COMPLEX is also known by (cobalamin), it helps cell function in certain areas of the body. This b vitamins liquid essential is necessary for both effective neurological functioning as well as being necessary for red blood cell formation. It helps maintain healthy nerve cells a

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