My Diet Chef- Flat Tummy Tea For Weight Loss. Herbal Slimming Blend Helps Suppress Your Appetite So You Eat Less. Peppermint Blend.

Product Features

  • MOST EFFECTIVE- Natural loose leaf blend effective for fat loss. Simply drink 15 minutes before meals or whenever you are hungry.
  • BEST SUPPRESSANT- This is NOT a laxative tea. It's blended to naturally decrease your food intake and help you finally get rid of your love handles and get skinny!
  • BEST SUPPORT- We will be with you to help answer any questions. We will also email you a copy of Chef Jeff's guide- The Rules of Fat Loss to help you on your journey.
  • BENEFITS- Boost metabolism, reduce bloating, lose weight, tastes great, detox, cleanse, and so much more!
  • 100% Guarantee- We've always had one and we always will. Decrease your hunger pains, lose weight, and fell better or your money back!

Product Description


And there they are, those sugary treats, staring back at you. You know they aren’t any good for you, but you just want something sweet! Then you remember, you took the time to get yourself some Slimming Tea By My Diet Chef!!

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