T.K.O. “Knock Out” Weight Loss Tea, All Natural Dieter’s Tea, Boosts Metabolism, Cleanses Body, Aids Digestion, Great Addition to Any Diet (Peach)

Product Features

  • Total Knock Out Weight Loss Tea ~ Perfect Addition to any Diet or Weight Loss Plan ~ Cleanses Waste and Toxins from Your Body ~ Gives You Mental Sharpness and More Energy
  • Blended with 7 All Natural Ingredients ~ Helps Suppress your Appetite, Burn Fat, and Boost Metabolism Naturally
  • Formulated by a Weight Loss Expert and Tea Expert with Over 40 Years Experience Blending Teas.
  • Helps Eliminate Bloating / Excess Water Retention throughout Your Body
  • 0 Calories and No Artificial Sweeteners - Tastes Great, Highly Effective, Works for Anyone Dieting, Both Men and Women - Shipped the same day. Expedited Shipping Available

Product Description

Dieting but just not losing fast enough or hitting a plateau?

Adding T.K.O. Tea to your diet will help you lose weight and slim down faster! We took 7 all natural ingredients proven to speed up your metabolism and ignite your dieting efforts and blended them to perfection.


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