Why Are Men More Overweight Than Women?

Male obesity has become a weighty topic…and it’s on the rise in the United States. Although weight-loss programs and diet trends often focus on women, the American Obesity Association found that the prevalence to be overweight is higher for men (67 percent) than women (62 percent). In fact, a recent study from the National Institute of Health (NIH), conducted over 30 years, showed nine out of 10 men and seven out of 10 women were overweight or became overweight. But despite being more prone to obesity, only 39 percent of men are on a diet or would try a diet to lose weight, as opposed to 70 percent of women.

While some men do place importance on health and weight loss, their approach is different than women, and therefore guys are hesitant to go on a diet. In fact, according to the NIH, 66 percent of men say they eat the foods they like regardless of calories, which leaves men wondering how can they eat what they want and still lose weight.

A new dieting program designed just for men marries two concepts-weight loss and great food-to help men achieve their weight-loss goals. The weight-loss program is called NutriSystem and it’s available online at http://www.men.nutrisystem.com. The program is based on portion-controlled, lower-Glycemic-Index prepared meals, so everything is already done for you.

The plan is simple and time efficient because there are no group meetings to attend. The program leaves the stress of calculating what you should and shouldn’t eat up to the expert, by providing customers with prepared meals. Men can still eat their favorites, such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, lasagna, pot roast, tacos and scrambled eggs.

The program was created strictly based on the needs of men. You can finally rip open a bag of chips or pretzels, and eat hot dogs or hamburgers, because NutriSystem has found a way to intertwine all the foods you love with an effective weight-loss plan.